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Internet Of Things

Interconnection among things

Internet of things are the future of connectivity that makes the objects talk with each other to make decisions that ease the human living.


Unit 1

Fundamentals of IoT

​Intended Learning Outcomes topic-wise

  • Introduction, IoT Characteristics – what is an IoT, list their characteristics

  • Architectures for IoT – Explain the different architectures used in IoT

  • Sensors, Actuators, and Data Storage – list the hardware of IoT.

  • Communication Protocols – Write about the connectivity options in IoT

  • User Interface Properties - Describe the aspects of human accessibility of IoT

  • IoT in Healthcare (IoMT): Benefits and Developments – Exemplify the benefits of Iot.

  • IoT in Healthcare Challenges: Detail the challenges in IoT

Unit 2


​Intended Learning Outcomes topic-wise

  • Demonstrate integration of robotics in healthcare in IoMT applications.

  • Illustrate proficiency in utilizing data-driven approaches to interpret medical data for improved decision-making

  • Showcase competence in managing medical images and video surveillance in healthcare settings

  • Demonstrate understanding of the significance of cybersecurity in medical IT systems

  • How to protect data under different scenarios

Unit 3


​Intended Learning Outcomes topic-wise

  • Analyze the role of various technologies and involved challenges in wearable device.

  • Critically analyze the role of antennas in diagnosis and treatment.

  • Structure a wearable device for measuring fatigue using appropriate sensors

  • Analyze aerobic performance of human muscles for robotic applications.

  • Examine the role of wearable sensors in anaerobic study.

Unit 4


​Intended Learning Outcomes topic-wise

  • •Cloud Computing Define cloud computing and its key characteristics.

  • • Evolution  Describe the works that led to the introduction of cloud in IoT

  • •Cloud middleware Detail the importance of cloud middleware.

  • •Standards and services Summarize the standardization efforts and services provided

  • •The Cloud of Things  Differentiate between the IoT and cloud computing.

  • •Mobile Cloud Computing  Exemplify cloud computing with suitable cases.

  • •MAI versus XaaS Compare the two new paradigms MAI and XaaS.

  • •The Cloud of Things Architecture Explain the general framework of IoT in cloud computing.


​Intended Learning Outcomes topic-wise

  • Define and explain key cybersecurity concepts and threats.

  • Describe emerging security and privacy challenges

  • Explain the challenges of data sharing and interoperability

  • Describe specific security threats and vulnerabilities faced by healthcare organizations

  • Explain why privacy and security are important

  • Identify potential security and privacy risks associated with connected homes

  • Explain the ethical and legal implications of discrimination, privacy, and security concerns in emerging technologies

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