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3D printing!

We heard 3D revolutionizing the industries with its novel and effective functionality.

It's importance and applications sought it a separate , undeniable place in the market more importantly a position in Industry 4.0 !

With its use in various field , it is gradually replacing many heavy costly machineries that occupied a huge place. These, 3D printing technology has its impact in biomedical stream too, as most of us know it is widespread in this field but its effectiveness was not much advertised, here! this particular post is one such advertisement for 3D printing and how it saved LIVES !!

Well! It started during the onset of Covid19 in the country that is known for Pizza, yes.. Italy 🇮🇹 is what I'm talking about. A private hospital was treating their patients with breathing aid, the resuscitators. In that specific device they ran out of valve that's crucial for the functioning of that device. The company that was providing them also ran out of it as the demand was very high.

At that very time ! A a physicist stepped up, having heard about the 3D printing technology he approached an ENGINEER who had this machine and is necessities.

Initially when the approached the manufacturers for the model so that they could 3D print it, the company denied it.

Yet ! That didn't stop the ENGINEER. He sat down worked and came up with a model and 3D printed it !

He didn't just 3D print he did actually SAVED LIVES!

Another highlight was that this 3D printed valve roughly cost around $1 whereas the original one cost almost $11000.

And here is another story that proves that we engineers to do " SAVE LIVES !! "
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