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Only 5 minutes left? Phone is out of charge?

Remember those days when we use to run out looking for electrical outlets to juice up our phones!

Thankful were the opportunists who opened their doors at apt time and poured down "power banks " into the market. Later on it became a trend, it then got converted into a fashion to have one in our pockets, more like a wallet.

Many technical advancement came out, that were taught to go easy on poor battery. And yeah ! the earlier day tech did go easy and in many cases they were proven to be low power consuming (BLE ,a must mention).

However you know.. we are humans.. we are that one creations who "can never be satisfied " so we expected more.(as usual)

Evolution did took place, phones packing Huge Huge batteries started popping into the market, yet the trade off with size was too steep.

So scientists put on consistent and persistent efforts in this particular field, leading to the development various technologies that could charge your phone fast ....

and this post here today is to brag about one such technology that don't just charge your phone fast but fasssssssssstttt ..

Let me introduce you to " Quick charge 5" a tech which will juice up your dead beat phone to half of its charge in just 5 minutes.. yes you read it right "FIVE"minutes..

spare ten more minutes you'll see your phone beefed up , looking at you with an eyebrow raised.


The trick is simple , instead of using a single tank to fill up from a big tap, these smarty pants used two tanks,( do the math , you'll realize their genius).

This new charging tech is fast and humble enough to remain cool, comparing his predecessor QUICK CHARGE 4.

And the good news is that we don't have to wait to see this in market, as it's already possible with QUALCOMM's 865 and 865+ processors.

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